We specialize in understanding our clients business and requirements. In assessing the risk we develop specific solutions to our client’s requirements with the most financially stable and reliable markets at the most competitive price and terms.


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We are one of the most trusted names in marine insurance

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With customers, underwriters and reinsurance.

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Ship Operations

Ship operators typically need a variety of insurance coverage, including hull and machinery insurance to protect against damage to the vessel

Ports and Terminals Operators

Property insurance, general liability insurance, business interruption insurance, and marine liability insurance.

Ship Builders

Shipbuilders need liability insurance to protect against claims arising from accidents or injuries during construction.

Energy companies:

Property insurance, liability insurance, business interruption insurance, and environmental liability insurance.

About Us

We are committed to serving our clients in different and creative ways

AqM offers a range of tailor-made insurance products to address the very wide and sometimes exceptional needs of our clients from ship operators, shipbuilders, ports and terminals operators, commodity traders, property owners, banks, energy companies, insurance companies, and mutual associations.

How we help your business

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We are experts on traditional Marine, Liability, Cargo, Property and Energy lines but our greatest specialty is in covering your entire operation.


Maritime Experts

Clients Satisfaction


Physical loss or damage insurance for all types of vessels to cover the extensive kinds of trading liabilities…


Covering all types of goods, commodities, and merchandise for physical loss or damage…



There are many recognized forms of cover but we are equally at ease working with our clients to develop a bespoke product


Material damage to the property, contents, stock, and plant from exposure to insured perils and other operational risks…


Protecting assets, expenses, and liabilities of the energy sector for clients involved in power generation and utility companies…


Ensuring the hull against loss or damage, third-party liability, personal accident, legal expenses

Sales & Purchase

Covering core markets in Turkey, Central, and South America with a focus on the tanker, supply, and crew vessels


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Wide range of coverage…Worldwide!

Claim and Risk Management

We believe that our valued clients pay an insurance premium to protect them against loss and we, therefore, perceive claims handling as the “shop window” of our service and the insurance industry as a whole.

We insist on being involved in the claims process from the first advice of loss to claims settlement. We aim to protect our client’s interests at all times. The insurers with whom we place business accept this as a pivotal part of our client-focused ethos and view it positively.

  1. We will work with you to understand your needs and priorities
  2. We will find the most efficient and direct route to a claim resolution
  3. We will obtain the maximum benefit allowable under the policies
  4. We will keep you fully informed and deliver on our aims

At AqM we also undertake pre–loss surveys and provide expert risk management advice aimed at minimizing the possibility of a claim. Our clients benefit from independent advice as well as from lower premiums.

Unrivaled claims service AqM adopts a fresh approach underpinned by traditional values. We will ensure that you are kept appraised of developments every step of the way and that you are an integral part of the process from first advice of loss to settlement.

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Why Aqm?

If you are managing marine cargo in the Americas; political risks in developing economies; or energy cover in extreme environments our technical expertise and global reach delivers first-class coverage, risk management advice, and placement expertise:

  1. Specialist cover for specific individual needs — we understand people and their possessions don’t fall into simple        categories
  2. Tailor-made solutions – bespoke programs for complex multi-nationals and small, single-territory firms
  3. Reinsurance specialists offering capabilities across the property, casualty, specialty, marine, and energy spectrum

Dedicated to providing value and competitive advantage whether our client is an individual, small business or large corporate.

Every client is valued highly regardless of size and our philosophy is the same for everyone i.e. to offer the most cost effective solution to meet our client’s needs and pride ourselves on providing unrivalled standards of service and care in all aspects of our client’s insurance programme. AqM also encourages, where possible, our Underwriters meet our clients to build lasting and transparent relationships.

We look forward to the opportunity of being of service.


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Global Reach

AqM is a specialist insurance broker with a trusted reputation and a substantial global reach, particularly in Europe and Latin America

A successful presence in mature and emerging insurers and a focus on our core insurance lines have allowed us to deliver to our clients and be their broker of choice in specialty areas.  

With a large partner network supporting us in around 80 territories AqM has the flexibility to be wherever our clients operate. Our global knowledge and resources can be easily accessed locally, providing:

  1. A deep understanding of local market legal matters, as well as less tangible aspects such as commercial and             cultural issues
  2. Underwriting, policy issuance, claims handling, and risk engineering, all delivered in local languages
  3. Efficient cross-border transactions and cash flow management
  4. Proactive account management and claims service standards, allowing us to move fast to resolve issues

Our rapidly growing portfolio of clients ranging from single vessel owners to multi-national trading houses to large insurance companies is principally serviced through our head offices in Panama City and London.  

Being located very close to Lloyd’s of London and full access to the London company insurers give us the cutting edge enabling us to stay ahead of the competition and give outstanding service to our diverse clients.

AqM Claims Handling Case Studies

  • Vessel transited the Panama Canal when an uncontrollable fire broke out resulting in the crew abandoning ship
  • AqM immediately notified H&M and P&I insurers and cover was confirmed
  • AqM negotiated and agreed terms with salvors who were mobilized within 4 hours of first advice and Lloyds Open Form being signed the same day
  • P&I insurers put up a USD 2 million guarantee to salvors the same day of the loss
  • Additional technical salvage support was flown in and AqM’s local grounding resulted in local subcontractors being appointed to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of service being provided
  • AqM mobilised two scrap buyers to inspect and make bids for the disposal of the wreck with an MOA being signed within 3 weeks of the loss
  • Owners recovered the FULL insured value of the vessel and out of pocket expenses as well as all claim liabilities

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